Kamyab Jawan

The Government of Pakistan launched the Kamyab Jawan Programme in 2018 in order to drive its policies on the youth. Since 2018, the Programme has worked towards initiatives for civic engagement, economic empowerment, and up-skilling.


Ensuring quality education, profitable employment and constructive and meaningful participation for the youth through comprehensive, effective and sustainable initiatives focused on the youth.


Investment for the development of the youth with the aim of enabling them to play an active roles in the economic strength and development of the country by making them skilled, confident and empowered.

Key initiatives
Loan Scheme

The Loan Scheme under the Programme aims at providing affordable loans to entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 45, who have the ability to do business. Through this scheme, those eligible can apply for loan from anywhere in Pakistan to establish or expand their business.

Skills Scholarship

The Skills Scholarship initiative aims at improving the quality of vocational trainings to train youth in both traditional and high-tech fields, in line with market demands.

National Youth Council

The National Youth Council gives young people an opportunity to play an active role in their development. The council is open for youths between the ages of 15 to 29, and aims to achieve the following objectives:
• Policy making assistance
• Official platform for youth engagement
• Creating a digital portal to engage young people
• Create networking opportunities for international collaboration

Prime Minister’s Tiger Force

Prime Ministers Tiger Force was created to enable civic engagement in young people. Key activities undertaken by the Tiger Force include Green Selfie, which aims to grow a billion trees in Pakistan, monitor the restriction and movement in areas of lockdowns due to COVID-19, Industries, Offices, Masajids, Parks, Public transports, and other public movement places where safety is the priority.